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Enhance the experience for your customers who need to sign, by enabling document features, and providing flexibility and choices. Promote your NDISign site with your logo and signature canvas as part of this offering. The capabilities extend beyond in-house, over the counter and through video conference use cases.

NDISign Business Features

Ability to prepare documents for immideate signatures(s) (best experience)

• For ready to execute contracts or agreements.

• Requestor uses SignDesk (SendNow) configuration to select signature position(s) + signing orchestration timeline, sequencing and access security levels

• Signee(s) get custom QR and URL + access code (email)

• Multiple signees can sign on pre-selected positions or ad-hoc positions

• Signee(s) skip upload and signature positioning steps.

Ability to upload the document using [sign with singpass] button

• For new or existing Dynamic and Interactive forms.

• Validation function on the form will execute pre-signing.

• Signee(s) skip upload and signature positioning steps.

Ability to pre-select automatic signature position(s)

• For self-service forms - requiring additional information

• Works with dynamic or interactive forms/documents.

• Signee(s) can skip the select signature position step after upload.

Ability for signee to directly submit.

• Signed documents can be retuned in parallel.

• By Download, By Email, By Direct Submit, or Signed Again.

• Submit – can be configured as an email or a drop-box.

Ability to prepare documents for orchestrated signatures

• For ready to execute contracts or agreements

• Parallel Signing or Sequential Signing orchestrations.

• Multiple signees can sign on pre-selected ordered/positions or ad-hoc positions

• 2FA SMS available

• Integration to document flow available

• Signee(s) skips upload and signature positioning steps

Use Cases

Self service forms or documents retrieved from your website

Automated Surveys - simply add convenience for signing via [sign with singpass] button and signature positioning.

Over The Counter - Assisted signing (swing screen to scan)

Over Video Conference - in a directors meeting, all directors can sign through the glass, in the same session.

Over Video Conference - Instant Proof of identity through glass

Ad Hoc documents - via email, the signing URL can be placed in the email with simple instructions.

SIGN in a RUSH - any divice, anywhere, anytime

Deployment Option


• For lower volume of signatures ~2000+
• Hosted by us.
• Customized URL provided
• Up to 2 documents/forms customized


• For higher volumes of 40000+
• Installed in your domain.
• No certificates or hardware provided
• Up to 10 documents/forms customized

*One time Onboarding Fee and Annual Subscription License, with options for pilot available

Why NDISign?

Ease of Use

intuitive signing experience, all platforms, no clutter, no dialogs, no confusion and support calls.

Ease of Adoption

Day 1 cloud deployment, customization, configuration and scaling.

Ease of Transition

Portals/APIs to configure documents and requests. HTML and PDF Forms (documents) a perfect fit.

Ease of Mind

No maintenance, no data security risk, flexible plans, no hidden costs, comprehensive dashboard.

Pricing Options

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