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NDIsign NDIsign


"NDISign packages the Digital Signature provisioned by
‘sign with singpass’ in the simplest most efficient way."

Simple Simple
The smart approach

The smart approach

  • Intuitive features
  • Sign anywhere with one touch
  • Multiple ways to sign (via video call, OTC, in-person etc.)
  • Automated signature position locator*
  • Integrates Sign with singpass button onto forms
  • *not required when using SignDesk (SendNow) product
The effient paradigm

The effient paradigm

  • No account or installation required
  • Sign in 3 steps
  • Sign on-the-go anytime,anywhere on any device
Fast Fast
Safe Safe
Secure and transparent

Secure and transparent

  • Secured & validated singpass
  • No personal data or signatures stored
  • PDF document centric, not system centric
  • Full empowerment to signee
  • No data given to requester

How it works

*Business documents and forms have configured information and links when using the SignDesk (SendNow) product


No learning curve - Simple Fast Safe

PDF centric, Not system centric

Ease of access
Document* or Frame has button Sign with singpass
to bypass upload or manual upload to SignDesk (SignNow)

Ease of use
Document knows where to place signatures*
automatically or alternatively via ad-hoc placement

No modifications to existing signing methods,
'wet sign', eSign, Image copy, or 3rd Party.

No login / Account / password /
uploaded signature - nothing stored

Sign from any device, even on mobile
- just tap the QRcode

Sign through a video conference -

Sign multiple times - in a single
session (SignAgain)

Sign over the counter - swing/swivel screen and scan using SignDesk (SignNow) API integration

SignDesk saves nothing after you have
retrieved or submitted your signed document

*Business documents and forms have configured information and links when using the SignDesk (SendNow) product


Tested, Validated and Certified by

Horangi Cyber Secutity
Data Protection Assured

ISO 27001 Certification

ISO 27001 Certification


NDISign is the name of the system that allows and provides for Digital Signature signing when you scan using your singapss app.

Anyone with a document that needs signing, can go to a ‘signdesk', and sign it using the singpass app in seconds

A 'signdesk' is the place where you send and see the document you wish to sign, it will have the QR code necessary for signing.

You should have a document to be signed and the singpass app, that’s it. Access to the ‘signdesk’ should already be provided via a link or button. If this is not provided, you can go to the public signdesk.sg

Yes, we provide for IN-PREMISE and HOSTED ‘signdesks’.

Using NDISign

No. There is no requirement for any account or login, when you have a document which needs signing, just load it or drop it onto the 'signdesk' and sign it. Simply Efficient!



PDFs. The PDF format is well known and is the trusted format for Digital Signatures.

By default you get it back on your device when you press ‘proceed’. You can also submit it directly (where enabled), or email it, straight from the ‘signdesk’.

Digital signatures are quite different, they use your Digital Identity along with the Digital Identity of the document, there are both enciphered and securely placed deep in the document for later verification. The image used in the signature position just indicates who, when and where it was signed. The real signature is securely stored and encrypted inside the document and cannot be altered - it provides the Integrity and Identity trust.

Just open the document in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and it will automatically validate any and all signatures on the document. You can click on each signature image, and validate individually if needed.

No identifiable information is stored. No names or documents or signatures.

If the application of the signature was requested for a purpose, send the document back to the requestor that asked you to sign, only if you are sure that that person or company is trusted, and that your intent was to sign and agree to the contents of that document.

No. The document cannot be password protected, or a certified document prior to signing with NDISign.

A certification signature is typically a FINAL signature that seals the document form any additional changes.

No. The digital identities provided via singapss are not certification signatures. Typically these are signature types provisioned for organizations.


The signature is generated on your mobile device, not at the ‘sign location’, this is then placed in the document and the document is returned to you.

This is no repudiable information that the Identity of the signer is assured, and the Integrity of the document has not been altered - it is authentic.

The chain of trust is assured by the provider of the digital identities. In this case this is trusted via ICA records and the Government of Singapore.

Typically if it is just an image of a signature on an electronic document, it might be a bit more difficult to trust who that is without independent validation. Try to click on the signature, and validate if it is a Digital Signature – the true identity of the signer should be embedded and available for verification.


The button provides a convenient way of uploading a document or form to the ‘signdesk’. If there is no button, just drag drop the document on the ‘signdesk’ to initiate signing.

This signing position information is detected by the NDISign product in the ‘signdesk’ when the document is uploaded. Some newly created or unknown documents probably don’t have this sign location information in them.

In this case there is a scrolling red message on the top of the document. Just click or touch any position on any page to indicate the indicated an appropriate signing position.

The 'scribble' signature is really just an image and although it is yours, it is not proof of identity to the recipient of the document. A digital signature on the other hand is, and by default always checked and verified every time the document is opened.

Yes, in fact on a video conference call, you can get multiple signatures by requesting each signee to sign, if you use the ‘Sign again’ feature.

There is currently no limit to the number of signatures that can be placed on a document.

You can either send the document to another person for counter signing, or in the same session use the ‘Sign again’ feature to allow another person sharing or viewing the same screen to sign the document. They will need to place a new signature position by clicking or touching the document in the appropriate place.

This is not needed anymore as the PDF is a single document, signed in its entirety. Pages cannot be altered without breaking the signature and document integrity.


Yes, all PDF files will be viewable on all devices during the signing process. If you are singing on the same device you have your singpass app, just tap the QR code when you see it.

Yes, the document can be printed, but Digital Signatures cannot be verified on paper, as it is now just an image on paper. The digital signature is in the digital document, and that is the only way to validate authenticity.

You can certainly print it - but keep a digital copy. In the future most workflows will be digital and printing will be a outdated.