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Sign with Singpass: What Is It & How Does NDISign make it work for You?


In late 2020, the “Sign with Singpass” framework with its capability and implementations started rolling out. This digital signing capability followed the launch of the government’s Singpass Face Verification which enabled us to authenticate our identities using facial recognition that was cross-referenced in the Government’s biometrics database. Both features – “Sign with Singpass” and Singpass Face Verification - are included in the steps the government is taking to “build a trusted digital identity ecosystem for citizens, public agencies and private sector companies”. 

You ask the question: What exactly is “Sign with Singpass” and how does NDISign implement it to benefit YOU?

What is Sign with Singpass?

“Sign with Singpass” is a feature of the Singpass app that allows users to digitally sign any electronic documents. “Sign with Singpass” can essentially cryptographically link to your signature to your identity and the document just signed. This means that whenever you apply your signature using the “Sign with Singpass” app, the signature you placed automatically self-validates and authenticates your identity as the signee. 

This feature, of applying digital signatures, is now included in the government’s move towards us becoming a smart nation. It also helps with enforcing social distancing protocols during the pandemic – by providing trust within a self-contained and digitally signed document. 

Through “Sign with Singpass”, businesses and individuals alike are empowered when they are digitally signing contracts, agreements, and documents. Through the accreditation of the National Certification Authority (NCA), all signatures made using the “Sign with Singpass” feature will be considered legally binding much like traditional wet ink signing through the country’s Electronic Transactions Act. 

The Benefits of “Sign with Singpass”

The government ensures that all of Singapore’s residents can benefit from the Sign with Singpass feature enumerating three main benefits:

  • Flexible Use of Sign with Singpass - “Sign with Singpass” can be integrated to document management systems for digital signing services providers AND users can directly use “Sign with Singpass” through the stated digital signing partners.
  • Remotely Sign Documents – “Sign with Singpass” enables its users to easily sign documents on the go without having to meet people physically.
  • Cryptographic Technology - Your digital signature in “Sign with Singpass” is cryptographically linked to your identity. This means that you can now prove the authenticity and integrity of any signed documents. 

Additionally, the government ensures that all Singpass users have peace of mind with the app’s improved security protocols which includes:

  • Two-step Verification Processes - For all of Singpass’ signing features or services, an additional verification code will immediately be displayed on the app – this is to ensure that the activity taking place is correctly referenced. It also requires a biometric check or the use of your secret singpass PIN.
  • Encryption - All  “Sign with Singpass’” digital signatures are encrypted along with the document, and the user’s identity is automatically cross-validated through the government’s database. 
  • Notifications - Any critical change or update in your Singpass account will automatically generate notifications. This means that you are kept up to date.

NDISign and “Sign with Singpass”

NDISign uses the “Sign with Singpass” framework to provide a fast and secure digital signing platform. This means that all the aforementioned benefits of the “Sign with Singpass” capabilities are the secure backbone for all the additional features that NDISign provides and offers to its users. Some key benefits that NDISign users will enjoy include:

  • Simplicity - NDISign built a platform using the “Sign with Singpass’” framework to simplify the user’s experience of signing documents online. It’s as simple as - upload the document, sign it, and you’re finished. You don’t have to configure complex processes and you can now do away with all the hurdles of legacy workflow signing complexities and accounts.
  • Security - Aside from “Sign with Singpass’” already heavy security protocols, NDISign adds to the utmost security of the digital signing service by not storing any information after signing. No documents are stored, no accounts or credentials needed, and no uploading or storage of your digital signature. Everything is done seamlessly through our platform and your Singpass app. 
  • Ease of Use - We want our users to have the best possible experience when you use our platform. We don’t want you to go through any time-consuming and any thought processes when using the platform. The aim  is to help our users sign their documents in the least amount of time possible, with the least hassle and sans complicated workflows and complications. 

The Best “Sign with Singpass” platform in Singapore – NDISign

The Singpass app and all its features are definitely a step towards the right direction – digitalization with simplification and no complication. Together with the “Sign with Singpass” framework, NDISign enables you to use sign in any situation, providing flexibility, mobility, and even sign in a group while in a video conference. We’ve taken this amazing framework and made it more versatile and user-friendly for your benefit.

NDISign is the best versatile signing platform in Singapore currently and has generated a buzz within different sectors and industries. 

Now that we’ve taken a step toward digitalization, the digital signing process has brought only benefits and upsides to our country – especially efficiencies. The use of paper has been greatly reduced and the actual business process of signing documents, contracts, etc. can be achieved in seconds. the design aims to further this initiative by helping businesses, organizations; individuals access the benefits of digital signatures. If you have any questions or you’re interested in NDISign’s Digital Signing Platform, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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NDISign is the name of the system that allows and provides for Digital Signature signing when you scan using your singapss app.

Anyone with a document that needs signing, can go to a ‘signdesk', and sign it using the singpass app in seconds

A 'signdesk' is the place where you send and see the document you wish to sign, it will have the QR code necessary for signing.

You should have a document to be signed and the singpass app, that’s it. Access to the ‘signdesk’ should already be provided via a link or button. If this is not provided, you can go to the public signdesk.sg

Yes, we provide for IN-PREMISE and HOSTED ‘signdesks’.