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NDISign: The Best Versatile Signing Platform


Let’s face it - having to sign digital documents using a pen is impractical, you would need a printer, a pen, and some form of scanner – besides you expose an image of your wet signature to the internet – go figure. This flow necessitates you moving from digital to paper and then back to digital, plain hindrance. Besides exposing your physical signature which can be copied, for all intents and purposes the recipient cannot identify if it is actually you that signed it – or an image copy or a fraudulent representation. These are real risks and flaws along with being cumbersome and time-consuming. A superior solution is - digital signatures where Identity and Integrity (I2) are preserved in the document and easily verified without involving a 3rd party to consult. 

With digital signatures, digital documents can be signed without delay i.e. executed and sent back in just a few seconds. As more and more people and businesses adopt a digital-centric approach to their everyday transactions, digital signing platforms become more important in streamlining the whole document transaction workflow. However, with all the available websites and software out in the market, how can you find the best versatile signing platform that will really work for you? We at NDISign have all the solutions you will need. 

The Best Versatile Signing Platform in Singapore

NDISign’s signing platform offers a wide variety of options for its users. Simply stated – we empower the signee to execute the signature after they have had time to review what is intended for signing. There is no workflow enforcement, account setup, preparation, or configuration on behalf of the recipient. The document does not have to be preloaded or pre-configured or sent through any dispatch workflow. The signee gets the document, goes to a signdesk, signs it, and returns it – that simple. Just like before, but it's all digital no,w and nothing is left behind in the signdesk – no documents, no signatures. In fact, we don’t even have the identity of the person who signed, that’s in the document. Perfect.

Use cases range from self-service forms (unfilled) picked up from a corporate website to, ready to execute contracts awaiting multiple signatures. Signature positioning can be ad-hock or pre-configured. Sign on Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile – in seconds. Sign over a video conference, the fastest way to get multiple signers to all execute in a single session. Is there anything else? 

Being the best versatile digital signing platform in Singapore, we make sure to be relevant for all your digital signature needs. Here are some examples of how NDISign’s signing platform can be used in any situation for individuals:

  • Simple – You avoid the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents
  • Fast - Transactions are effortless for the benefit of the business, its customers and yourself. 
  • Safe - Using your digital signature, signing is actually done on your phone, not in cyberspace. Authentication and validation is via government mechanisms, and  best of all nothing is left behind – no forensics no theft.
  • No Account Required – we believe in not collecting and therefore you can’t lose it and we can’t lose it for you.

For Individuals or SME owners, this is a very simple and efficient way of getting the job done. This use case is that you frequently sign many documents – especially anywhere you have a connected device, and you can also get someone else to sign them via video conference.

NDISign as a signing platform isn’t just limited to individuals who need to sign documents. It also provides customized signdesks for Businesses and GOV – to benefit from the simplicity and security provided. All of your business processes can be made simple and easy through the use of our signing platform. Here are some basic use cases for businesses:

  • Ad-Hoc Document signing – Documents configured or not-configured can be sent directly to the signee for signing – all the need is the document and the URL for the signdesk. Signature positioning is an added benefit for businesses in this case. 
  • Self-Service forms – This gives the best experience for customers that need to sign documents or forms they just retrieved from your website. We can either add a button on the PDF to sign, or provide a URL to the customized signdesk. These types of forms will already be pre-configured with signature positions based on the size of the signing box.
  • Contract signing OTC – Over the counter signing is a lot simpler now. There is no need for signpads or digital pens for touchscreens. When the document is prepared, the Account Executive/Rep just swings the screen and the customer will scan the singpass QRCode for signing. The signature is NOT stored anywhere and is only imprinted on the document and enciphered within. There is no image captured or reused on multiple documents!!
  • Contract signing Remote Unseen – Using the built-in configure tool (business only), signing is as simple as receiving an automated email with the link to the document. 2FA is used for access and documents can be signed by multiple people.
  • Contract signing Remote in-Conference – We believe the NDISign is the most efficient and simple way to get multiple people signing the same document, when in the same video conference call. With the built-in feature of “sign this again” sequential signing has never been simpler.

For more information please review for businesses and call us to discuss options.

Your Signing Platform of Choice - NDISign

NDISign keeps your signing processes easy, fast, and simple. Did we mention it is also maintenance-free? We want you, our customers, to have the best possible experience in using this NDISign platform (the signdesk metaphor) which is why we made it flexible and versatile enough to be used for all aspects of digital document signing. 
We take out all the risks and downsides of traditional e-signatures and legacy workflows and give you the most versatile signing platform that benefits individuals, business owners, as well as large corporations. What are you waiting for? Call us for a demo or even try it out for yourself now https://www.signdesk.sg. NDISign’s versatile signing platform is here now and will take all your signing processes to the next level!


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NDISign is the name of the system that allows and provides for Digital Signature signing when you scan using your singapss app.

Anyone with a document that needs signing, can go to a ‘signdesk', and sign it using the singpass app in seconds

A 'signdesk' is the place where you send and see the document you wish to sign, it will have the QR code necessary for signing.

You should have a document to be signed and the singpass app, that’s it. Access to the ‘signdesk’ should already be provided via a link or button. If this is not provided, you can go to the public signdesk.sg

Yes, we provide for IN-PREMISE and HOSTED ‘signdesks’.